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Friday,June 2nd Jim Walsh's Mad Ripple Hootenanny at Studio 2 (Mpls,MN)

Saturday, June 17th 1pm Star Tribune Stage at The Stone Arch Music Festival (Mpls,MN)

Tuesday, June 20th 6:45pm- Special guest artist w/ radio guru Barb Abney at her live podcast " Music From Hell" Live at Hells Kitchen (Mpls,MN)

Friday, July 7th Private House Concert

Friday, August 11th Red Herring Lounge, Duluth, MN


Join Mike's "ON THE MEND" group page on FACEBOOK! Cool informative links, articles, links, videos and goodness! Let's help invisible conditions become visible!

* I've launched a new music recording & campaign in 2017 (in collaboration with Think Piece Publishing) called "ON THE MEND," which is dedicated to raising awareness for tinnitus,hyperacusis, mental health. On The Mend will be my first pop/rock record in 7 years. Life is fragile so please nurture your mind, body and talents. Don't take them for granted. Learn all about my story & situation here




Mike Michel is a Minnesota Music Academy award winning modern songwriter, guitarist, music educator, and community arts program creator who was raised in Cincinnati,Ohio, developed his craft in Los Angeles, California, and now creates out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mike has collaborated with Haley Bonar, Carnage, Dave King, Desdamona,The Bill Mike Band ( Steve Goold & Chris Morrissey), Robert Skoro, Anthony Cox, DJ Woody McBride, The Unknown Prophets, Jacqueline Ultan, Kirk & Kraig Johnson, Greg Schutte, Jimmy Stofer, Ian Allison, Reese Kling, Courtney Yasmineh, Vicky Emerson Wallace, Wendy Lewis, Pete Linman, Gary Waryan, Chris Bates, & Park Evans. Mike has launched a new music campaign in 2017 called " On The Mend " with Think Piece Publishing. On The Mend is a music recording dedicated to raising awareness for tinnitus, hyperacusis & mental health. Mike will be performing and speaking as a solo performer and with a trio in support of On The Mend. Mike also teaches and creates music edcation programs like Peace Den & Eco Rock at his hub,The Rock & Roll Therapy Room. Mike is always committed to empowering the listener and helping the planet one gig at a time. Welcome to the family and thanks for reading! Contact Mike:

Artist Statement......
My intentions as a songwriter, creative guitarist, music educator, and sound therapist are to create memorable melodies, thoughtful lyrics, global rhythms, and organic sounds that empower and inspire audiences. I firmly believe good music helps individuals cultivate their own original voice from within. Performances and recordings are about providing a safe space where listeners can refuel and reimagine their lives in the direction they truly want them to go. Science proves that sound vibrations permeate cellular structure and help heal the human mind, body & spirit; it is my job to create songs that facilitate this process. I approach my craft and use my senses by skirting on the mainstream while maintaining integrity and connection to the progressive underground . I also believe music is a global connector that brings awareness to the many environmental challenges we face today. Raising the collective conscious is my duty as an artist and educator and to do this effectively one has to create and teach with passion and an all inclusive mind set. Empower...Ignite...Create!

Stone Arch Festival (Minneapolis,MN) 2017
Icehouse (Minneapolis, MN) 2017 (Mike's comback gig & On The Mend Launch)

Walker Art Center ( Minneapolis, MN) 2016
Cowles Center (Minneapolis, MN) — guest artist with choreographer Jason Noer (2012)
Cedar Cultural Center (Minneapolis, MN) — guest artist with Vieux Farka Touré  (2011)
State Theater (Minneapolis, MN) —guitarist with Haley Bonar (2009)
First Avenue ( Minneapolis, MN) guitarist with DJ Woody McBride (2009)
Mercury Lounge ( New York, NY)- featured artist (2006 & 2008)
Chicago Opera House (Chicago, IL) — guitarist with Haley Bonar (April 2008)
Fitzgerald Theater (Saint Paul, MN)- guitarist with Haley Bonar
Minnesota Zoo (Apple Valley,MN) - guitarist with Haley Bonar
Ivy Brown Gallery (New York, NY) — CMJ Festival featured artist (2008)
SXSW Music Festival (Austin, TX) —guitarist with Robert Skoro (2006)
First Avenue (Minneapolis, MN) — 10x veteran of First Ave including featured artist at Minnesota Music Awards (2006)
Target Center (Minneapolis, MN) — guitarist with IFFY (2000)
The Metro ( Chicago,Il)- guitarist for Iffy (2000)
House Of Blues ( Chicago, IL)- guitarist with Iffy (2000)
Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN)- guest artist with Anthony Cox & Dave King (2000)
Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN) — featured artist (1999)
CBGB's ( New York, NY)- guitarist with Love Cars CMJ featured artist
The Viper Room ( Los Angeles, CA)- guitarist with Love Cars

Vieux Farka Toure', Cloud Cult, P.O.S., Particle, Blue King Brown, Boombox, The Big Wu, Golden Smog, Greg Ginn, Grieves, Gang Font (Greg from Husker Du),Dosh, Gutbucket, Iswhat, The Droppers, Ill Chemistry, Andrew Bird

Modern Guitar Festival(MN)
CMJ Festival (New York)
NXNE (Toronto)
Midpoint Music Festival 2x (Cincinnati)
Effit Festival (Madison)
Around The Coyote/invitees (Chicago)
10,000 Lakes Festival/Cosmic Break  Finalists (MN)
Minnesota State Fair
SXSW ( Austin)

DJ ESP (Communique Records)
Haley Bonar (Afternoon Records)
MC CARNAGE (Hecatomb Records)
Eyedea (Rhymesayers)
Robert Skoro (Yep Roc)
Anthony Cox (Sketch Records)
Iffy (Food Chain Records)
Chan Poling/The Suburbs (Manifesto Records)
David King/ The Bad Plus(Do The Math Records)
The Unknown Prophets & MadSon ( UP Records)
Desdamona(Zlink Records)


Contributed compositions to The Minneapolis Institute Of Arts " Listen" Exhibit 2014

Contributed guitar work to the Disney/Pixar film trailers “Cars & Ratatouille”

Some of Mike’s solo recording’s have been heard on various MTV shows, PBS, & ESPN

Mike’s original rock compositions have charted nationally in the U.S. on the CMJ  radio charts & on several European radio stations as well.

Composed original music for Santa Clara University’s theater production of “Saint Claire”

Mike contributed compositions to the Minneapolis Institute Of Arts Interactive Exibit "LISTEN"

Studio manager and music composer for Trail Mix Radio & Film Music Studios (Mpls). Composed original tunes for many national corporations

Mike was a roadie for the rock stars back in the 90's and thanks my bosses the 3 BOBS at Third Encore in Los Angeles


CIUT/Toronto,WUIC/Chicago, KSUB/Seattle,RadioXYZ/NewYork, WTBU/Boston, WLHS/Cincinnati and many other cool stations

University of Illinois, University of Minnesota, University of MN/ Duluth, University of Wisconsin, Augsburg College, Saint Cloud State,
Washington University, Macalester College


Mike's Music Education Hub is called " The Rock & Roll Therapy Room" where he hosts private music lessons and unique music community outreach programs for teens & adults like Peace Den & Eco Rock.

Mike has also taught music at Main Street School Of Performing Arts, MacPhail Center For Music, Lake Harriet House Of Music, Willies Guitars, Great River School & The Clara Barton School.

Eco Rock- is Mike's music camp for teen musicians dedicating to merging the arts & environment 2017

Peace Den- is Mike's group acoustic music class for adults focusing on the empowering music from the decade of change 1965-75

Mike created & hosted his teen community outreach performance series called "Rock For A Cause" 2005-2009

Mike created Minnesota's first live music matching networking event for part-time adult musicians called " Get On The Grid"

Founded, created & directed “ Rock Camp For Dads ” n 2009, 2010, 2011. Although I'm proud I started RCFD and I'm a huge fan of the cool people that join the camps, I'm not a huge fan of RCFD's current model (sounds sassy I know but just keeping it real).

Guest lecturer building a small music business as an independent artist at MacNally Smith College Of Music

Panel Judge "Best of 2013" student original works competition at MacNally Smith College Of Music

Mike was a contributing music and music education writer for RIFT MAGAZINE


Recipient of The MacPhail Center For Music & McKnight's Artist Grant 2016

Nominated “Best Guitarist” by The Minnesota Music Academy 1999 & 2006

Recipient of the Jonathan Grove Foundation Music Grant 2008

Mike’s former power trio, The Bill Mike Band, was nominated “Best Rock Band” by The Minnesota Music Academy 2006

BMB's  debut recording “ Better News” was nominated "Best Rock Recording" 2006 by The Minnesota Music Academy


Mike created & curated The Modern Guitar Festival 1 (2009) & MGF 2 (2011) in Minneapolis, MN


Mike credits his older sisters and cousins for introducing him to native Cincinnati, Ohio music. Whether it was the funk and groove of Bootsy Collins, or the experimental guitar oriented rock of Adrian Belew, Mike absorbed this native Ohio music like a sponge. Straight out of high school Mike became a session player for a famous dance music label called Ligosa Records. He also toured the Midwest in a Motown Band, and became friends with busy tour manager named Ben Marts (The Pixies) who inspired and helped mike take on part time roadie gigs for experience as an under age aspiring rocker. Mike also played in a very popular art rock band in Cincy called True Azure, which helped him cultivate his unique guitar voice early on. Merging the world of global grooves, memorable melody, and organic guitar sounds were his objective as a youth and still are today.

Acting on his impulse to experience the big metropolis, Mike had a four & a half year stint out west in Los Angeles and became a profession roadie by accident. Mike worked for many high brow pampered commercial artists and learned what not to do with his own bands and music career. However, he did end up working for some amazing inspirational and integral artists like Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Page, and Los Lobos. Outside of his roadie gigs, Mike was always active in his guitar session work and original music creation. Mike credits his music collaborators at the time Angelo Barbera (The Doors/Robby Krieger) & David King (The Bad Plus) as the musicians who pushed Mike to a new level of creative and technical musicianship.

After enduring earthquakes, fires, and mudslides (true) in California, Mike packed his VW and headed back to the Midwest again with a crew of Minnesota natives he met out west. Mike felt the need to ground himself again and rededicate his life to his songwriting his guitar craft, and community outreach. The Minnesota move proved to be the right decision. Mike has become a much in demand guitar slinger for over a decade in Minnesota, and he started an award winning rock power trio called the Bill Mike Band (2004-2009). Currently, Mike Michel is nurturing and supporting his new recording " On The Mend." Mike is composing original music for progressive eco-friendly non-profits, corporations, small businesses, TV, Film, Modern Dance Companies, Art Installations, & the web. Outside of touring and recording, Mike believes in being a positive community leader and music community arts organizer. Mike created & directed a music series to help mentor emerging teen musicians called Rock For A Cause , as well as a rock camp for emerging adult musicians called Rock Camp For Dads (no longer affiliated).

Currently, Mike directs his music education hub for adult & teen musicians called " The Rock & Roll Therapy Room" where he teaches privately and hosts community driven music education events like Eco Rock & Pop & Peace Den.
Mike also curates a national experimental guitar festival & trade show for Minnesota music manufacturers held in Minneapolis, Minnesota called The Modern Guitar Festival.

516 West 22nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55405


1. Mike's recent interview & feature with LukeTaylor of 89.3 The Current. Click on this link to read and hear clips about " On The Mend," music, wellness & mental health.

2. Erica Rivera & City Pages wrote a very thoughtful and insightful article regarding " On The Mend" and Mike's recent life revitalization.

3. Andy Steiner from Minn Post has an informative article about ON THE MEND and my story.

4. Titled “Truce,” the disc is a post-election collection of songs that preach for cooler heads to prevail in these divided political times. Songs like the jittery, frantic opener “Make Peace” and the futuristic-funk romp “Start Thinking” nonetheless hit the mark musically, fueled by Mike’s frazzled, Radiohead-ian guitar playing and his bandmates Chris Morrissey’s and Steve Goold’s innovative rhythms.

5. Finally, an old-style, hyper-melodic guitar monster breaks through our oft-grungy underground. Session giant and all-around positive force William Michel (Bill Mike) guides this wildly creative power trio to progressive pop heaven. Better News is 30 minutes of sparkling scorchers, like Living Colour tempered by Rush. On the mic, Mike’s heartfelt vocal messages sometimes fight for air against the musical tsunamis. Best to think of his free-verse philosophy as just one more sonic stripe in a rainbow of rock

6. Mike leads a band that takes his name, but he's no sensitive singer/songwriter. On the contrary, Mike fronts a good old-fashioned power trio that's not afraid to rock out. He debuts his terrific sophomore album,Truce -- named in the spirit of finding common ground in an election year.

7. Michel's broader lyrical themes  are given a tighter focus with layers of intricate guitar parts and seamless contributions by bassist Chris Morrissey and drummer Steve Goold. The three work together to create an airtight, forward-moving style of experimental rock that combines jazz riffs and feedback with more traditional styles like punk and pop. Michel says working with Morrissey and Goold came naturally, as the trio clicked the very first time they rehearsed together.

8. The energy with which Mike (guitar, gizmos), Chris (bass), and Steve (drums) played their unusual musical creations, clearly improvising some of the individual particulars according to each musician’s spontaneous emotional whim, forced hapless listeners into a prison of musical engagement.

9. Mike coaxes sounds from the instrument that are completely foreign to the ears of most listeners. And while his arsenal of axes and foot pedals are focused on inventing otherworldly noise, it's always in the context of great Pop songs. Along with bassist Chris Morrissey and drummer Steve Goold, the trio merges technical proficiency and experimentation with clever, literate songwriting. In other words, unlike so many restless prodigies, TBMB achieves Fusion without confusion. Even the vocals (a common Achilles heel for those overly-endowed instrumentally) are catchy and powerful.

10. The classifications that Mike Michel & The Universal Co-op carry are unlike other bands.The musicians used unimaginable techniques with their instruments. They are not out there to just play music, they want to affect people with it. Seeing them live feels like everybody has a sense of purpose behind their instrument and the end product is really for the people.


2017 Mike Michel " On The Mend

2015 MaD Son (The Unknown Prophets) "Family Tree"

2014 New Sincerity Works "44"

2014  Mike Michel " The Big G Guitar ep"

2012  Saltee "Crosspolynation" ep

2012  Dave Birk " Speed Queen Mystery Date"

2011  Carnage "Respect The Name" Hecatomb Records

2009  Carnage " Worth The Wait" Hecatomb Records

2009  Bill Mike Band “ Truce” Draw Fire Records (Charted CMJ top 40)

2008  Bill Mike Band & Carnage " Count To Three" ep

2008  Aviete " The Way We Met " Draw Fire Records

2008  Courtney Yasmineh " Beautiful Lonely" SB Recordings

2008  Alecia Wiley " Halfway Home"

2008  Haley Bonar “ Big Star “ Afternoon Records

2008  Few Nice Words ep ( Matt Foust, Bill Shaw, George Marich,Brett Bullion, Mike Michel, Ev Olcott)

2007  Bill Mike Band “Better News “ Uncatagorizable Records (nominated best rock recording by the MMA)

2007  Robert Skoro " These Things Could Be Ours"  Yep Rock Records

2003  Eyedea  (unreleased tracks/Rhymesayers)

2002  Mike Michel “ Letter To Yourself” ep Uncatagorizable Records

2001  Iffy  “Boiota Bondo “ Foodchain Records/Columbia Records

1999  Chan Poling(The Suburbs) “ Calling All Stars” Manifesto Records

1998  Blood Magnet ep ( Mike Michel, Anthony Cox, Mike Lewis, Dave King) Limited Release

1998  Love Cars  "Chump Lessons" No Alternative Records (CMJ top charter)

1998  Tugboat “ 1981 Décor ” (Mike’s First Solo Release) Uncatagorizable Records

1997  Mary Nail “ Mary Nail” ( Mike Michel,Wendy Lewis, Greg Lewis, David King, Cully Swanson) Limited Release

1994 & 1997  Gosh 1&2 LP's  ( Mike Michel, David King, Pete Lynman Doug Hougie, Angelo Barbera, Mike Murphy) LA & Mpls

1987  True Azure “ Gypsy Girl LP” ( Mike's Most Awesome High School Art Rock Band)